~Brides of Bonneterre Trilogy~

This review is for "Brides of Bonneterre Trilogy" by Kaye Dacus.

This book contains all three novels in the series. "Stand-In Groom, Menu For Romance, A Case For Love".

I have to say that I am a huge fan of Kaye's books and I cannot wait to see if there are anymore books set in Bonneterre.

This book is over 1000 pages and it kept me highly entertained and devouring pages like a favorite piece of cheesecake!


In Stand-In Groom, Anne Hawthorne is a highly successful wedding planner running her own business. Her mettle, however, is tested when she finds herself falling for the man she thinks is the groom of a wedding she is planning. What she doesn't know is that George is only a stand in groom for his very famous employer.
George is attracted to her as well and isn't quite sure how to handle the lying that he is forced to do to her.
When Anne finds out the truth about George, will she be able to forgive him and let love shine through the deceit?

Loved loved loved this book!


In Menu For Romance Meredith Guidry has gotten tired of never having any privacy from her enormous family and has slowly started to pull away and try to establish a least a semblance of boundaries. She has bought an old fixer upper house, that no one approved of, and is finding solace in restoring it herself.
Having been in love with a family friend, Major, for many years but doing nothing about it has been an awful secret for Meredith. As she fights her feelings for one man, another enters her life when she least expects it. Will he just fix Meredith's broken down house or will he fix her heart too?

Major has long held feelings for Meredith but has never even so much as alluded to them as he has a huge secret that is constantly looming over him and any relationship he could ever hope to have with her.
Will Major eventually trust enough to let people in on his problems or will the contractor win Meredith in the end?

Once again LOVED!


In A Case For Love Alaine Delacroix finds herself attracted to her friend Meredith's cousin Forbes Guidry, who is a prominent attorney. He is a longtime bachelor and she herself is known as an eligible bachelorette.
Just as one thinks sparks might fly between the two, Alaine finds out that her parents and brother are about to not only lose their businesses, but their homes as well thanks to the large corporation that Forbes family owns. Alaine is determined to keep Forbes at harms length and expose, what she is sure is wrong doing on the part of the Guidry's. I mean, how can you date the man whose parents you want to expose for corruption on the evening news?!?
When no other lawyer wants to take on her case against such a prominent family, however, perhaps the one person she can turn to for help is the very person she has been trying to avoid.

I cannot say enough good things about this Trilogy. I absolutely loved it and am eagerly anticipating reading more books by Kaye! She has a way of drawing you into whatever story she is reading and before you know it you are halfway through without putting the book down! Thumbs up, Kaye!

Hope your new year gets off to a blessed start!

*Note* I received this book for free from Barbour Publishing in exchange for a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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