Rally Round Green!

This book review is for the title "Rally Round Green" by Judy Christie.

I LOVE this series and have so far enjoyed reading each and every title that is in it. I can't wait to read the next one and hope it's not the last!

Green is still in the midst of recovering from the tornado that ripped the town apart on Lois and Chris's wedding day. It took lives, houses and businesses but Green has proven that they are a town that can stick together and come out on the other side better than they were before.

Lois and Chris are in the middle of not only putting things back together but also renovating the Craig's old family home that Chris had moved onto her land after Lois's house blew away.

While they long for life to just be normal again, already, that isn't what is in store for them just yet it would seem.

Life seems to sort of be slowing down, when a strange man in a suit makes his way to Green.

Add a displaced principle and the woman who took his job and you have suspicion in Green.

Rightly so, as the man and woman want to close Green's only school and place the students in different areas around the country.

Green's citizens are outraged and rightly so. What will their town be if their school is taken from them?

Lucky for Green, they have some determined people and will stand together and fight for not only their town's history and pride but to show they will not be defeated when their are other options available to them!

I love the fact that the Green series is not only about just one plot point. There are so many smaller stories weaved around the big one. You come to like the people and feel like a part of Green.

Great job, Judy Christie, once again!

Hope your January is going fab!

*Note* I received this book for free from Abingdon Press in exchange for a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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