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This review is for Matt Kearney's newest album 'Young Love'.

It currently sits at number 5 on Itunes and it debuted in the #1 slot. I don't ever remember hearing anything specifically by Matt but listening to the music I feel like a few of the songs seem familiar. Like something you have heard on a TV show or movie. There was one song I wasn't thrilled with but almost every song on this album has some of the best beats and tune to it. I can easily imagine listening to this CD during a commute or just cleaning the house. I found myself dancing in my seat listening to several of the tracks. Tapping a toe, bobbing your head, you will definitely move in some way while listening to this album.

I like how it's a blend of rockish/popish/folkish. I even heard a small type of rap in the beginning of one song. His music is a very successful fusion of several different styles.

I recommend this CD for anyone who likes artist such as ColdPlay, Snow Patrol etc. His style strongly reminds me of those bands in particular. All in all I give Matt's newest release a thumbs up!

You can check out Matt's website here

*Note* I received a download of Matt's CD for free from being a member of One2One Network in exchange for my review. I am not required to post a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.