Life As We Know It


I know I am woefully behind in updating this section of my blog, but if you could have peeked into my life these past few months, you would more than understand. Life only seemed to speed further up and get more crazy since I last posted.

My hubby and I have moved our household yet again! We weren't even in the last place for 3 months before it was time to pack it up and do it all over again! Thankfully, this move enabled us to retrieve our dogs from my father-in-laws place, though, so it was worth the hassle.

It's so great to have them back with us again!

On top of moving once again, our dog gave birth to a litter of puppies and my sister gave birth to my beautiful niece, which meant my mom in law came for a visit and stayed with us for a week. All of this right after the other and with us having only been moved into the new house for 1 day.

It has been an exhausting few months to say the least but we are grateful for all these things.

I finally just got internet hooked back up yesterday so hopefully I can be updating for you guys more frequently. Which includes everything from my posts here to my reviews!

I have a movie review coming up as well as more books and possibly a few product ones as well!

Hope you are all staying safe on this stormy day!!

Glad to be back to it,


There has been so much craziness lately I don't even know where to start. My sister is getting closer and closer to her due date...A little niece will be born soon...Savannah. My mother is almost beside herself with excitment lol
The hubby and I recently moved...within 2 weeks of deciding to move we had to find a place and get it all done..not much time when you don't have a clue where you are going to live... We are finally settled, for the moment at least. No internet or cable right now though so I am currently at a Starbucks using their Wifi to give you all an update. Isn't life just non-stop sometimes? With all the moving and changing of addresses, mail forwarding etc I got a bit behind on my reviews and updates but I am finally almost all the way caught up with them. On top of moving, I had a birthday (not telling the age)  ;)
Thanksgiving and my sisters baby shower all within a few weeks of each other.
At the place we are living for the moment, we can't have our puppies so they are being kept by my father-in-law. You never realize just how much you love your dogs and how used you are to them until they aren't with you everyday. We miss them like crazy and can't wait to be able to bring them home!

Hubby and I decided to forgo a traditional Christmas this year and just get one big gift for both of us to share instead of several smaller gifts so we got a Keurig.. I LOVE that machine! If you are a coffee lover I recommend it highly!
I told him once we get really settled again and get the dogs back that we shall do Christmas in July...How neat would it be to be the only one with your tree up and presents in the middle of the year? I'm thinking I might start a new trend lol
Not to mention all the Christmas stuff I can get on sale haha
What about you guys? Christmas plans? Big, small, any?
Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and that we all remember what it is we are celebrating!

Starting to get my bearings again,

Yummy Food!

Thought I would share my cooking triumph with you guys! I do about 99 percent of the cooking in our house and get bored with some of the stuff that we eat so I try to find different stuff for us to try.
My latest thing to try was Chicken Parmigiana and it was a HUGE success! Hubby thought it was delicious and I was happy to find something new to add to my cooking repertoire. I am even go to share a picture of it. Yes, I admit I take pictures if I think my dish is pretty lol

In the Skillet

On the Plate

Have you guys ever cooked this? Did it turn out good?

Happy Cooking!

Take A Minute Today

So I was thinking about life today and how so many people just rush through it. I have some friends who literally never seems to spend an evening, or a day for that matter, at home.. Constantly running, constantly doing something.
I admit I have found myself getting caught up in everything myself. Life happens and it seems to do it quickly. But, people seems to have forgotten that it is all right to breathe, to stop, to take a moment, or an hour or even a day to just be still. That it is all right to take time to relax, to process, to do nothing.
That the load of laundry will still be there (unless someone decides to do it for you :0). The grocery list will keep, or that work project, dog walk, or weeding of the garden.
Whatever it is that is keeping you constantly moving can wait for even a minute. Somewhere in your day are even five minutes for silence, for relaxation, for reflection.

I think we all need to remember that it's all right to be still sometimes. Life doesn't have to be run through. You don't want to look back and realize you were so busy being busy that you missed the small things. Take a minute today to stop and be still. Life will still be wooshing past when you start running again.

Jenny B


So I am starting this new tab to try to branch out on my blog. I will now be doing product reviews as well as book reviews. I will also be posting under this tab just thoughts or stories about whats going on in life. Just my little corner to talk :o)

More post later!


  1. Saying hi from the Alexa Hop...make it a great week!

  2. Hi my girl :-)
    I took a moment to stop by and read your thoughts. You are not small enough to sit in my lap any longer and rock for awhile, as you share the wonder of life through your eyes. But in my mind, as I read your missive, I remembered the enjoyment of your observations and the beat of your heart as you viewed the world in the comfort of a momma's arms.

    I love you Jenny,