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Just a quick update, I am in the middle of reading a biography about Diamond Rio. As soon as I finish that I will let you know what I thought about it and start on my next book.

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First Book Review!

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This first book I knew was the one that I had to start my reviews with. It is called Savannah From Savannah by Denise Hildreth. Ever since I discovered this first book and the other two books that followed in this remarkable series, Denise has become one of my very favorite authors! Her writing style draws you into the story and makes you feel as if you truly know the characters and wish they could be your friends in real life. Her Savannah series is so relatable it is incredible. I think every single women will see at least a small part of herself in Savannah. I know that I did when I read them. Whether it is the fear of striking out on your own for the first time or the loss of a first love, you will find something that relates to you. Her series really is one that will make you laugh or cry or laugh so hard that you cry. I cannot seem to stop from laughing out loud when I read these. I own all three and have read them more than one time! They are definitely one to buy and keep in your bookshelf.

The first book, Savannah from Savannah first introduces us to the characters that will become quite familiar to you. It is a story of friendship, families, growing up, and coming into your own. Savannah is the daughter that is well loved but perhaps a bit to doted upon by her mother. Going away from her small town of Savannah for college gave her a bit of room to stretch her wings, but included regular updates on the happenings from her mother, Victoria, who runs Savannah and cares deeply for the city as evidence by her daughters name, as well as the Savannah Chronicle, (the town newspaper) that showed up each week in her mailbox at school. All which helped keep her roots firmly planted in the beloved city.
In an event that would bring her life back to the fair streets that she had called home, a life changing writing contest is won and a misunderstanding about her mothers constant meddling ways puts in motion events that will bring Savannah full circle back to the town she loves and the mother she will grow to slowly understand a bit better by the end of this delightful series.

Ms. Hildreths book is for sure a must read, I own every book that she has written and eagerly await her next release!

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Welcome to my book reviews.

Here is the deal...I have loved books since I have been a small child. Up trees, hidden in a corner, under a blanket on the couch..any of these places I could be found curled up with a book. I have literally read thousands of books in my lifetime thus far. That's a lot when you are only 23 :)
So I decided to share my passion with all of you. You know when you read a book and you are like I LOVE this or I HATE this..well I am going to review the books that I read. I will tell if I love them or dislike them and why. I will have the first one up as soon as possible!

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