Review for Izzy's Pop Star Plan~ Daily Devo

Izzy's Pop Star Plan is a daily devotional for tween/teen girls. It follows Izzy's journey toward trying to become a pop star while not losing herself and her walk with God. The difference between this devotional and others is this one reads like a novel with 90 days worth of devotional pages. It is set up like you are reading Izzy's blog day to day. I give it a thumbs up for uniqueness. There is even a website they put on some of the pages so that the reader can check it out on the computer as well as the book. I definitely think that the writing and the format that the book is in will encourage young girls to read their devotional for the day. I read it like a book and have to say that it kept me interested and entertained and I will be passing it along to my 10 year old niece. It seemed incredibly obvious that the writer modeled the singing competition off of American Idol but they did make it different by making it a competition with people from different countries. I am assuming by the ending of this book that there is another book to come and I have to say that I look forward to reading that one as well. I do suggest to the author that in the next book (if there is one) that they add a small place at the bottom of each page so the girl reading can write down her own prayer or thought for that day. In closing this review I will say that the book is well written and well thought out. A book that I will be proud and happy to pass on to my niece, confident in the fact that if she will read it, it will help point her in the right direction possibly when she will need it most. The book is not just well written, it has a point to it and is a light for goodness and morality in a dark world. Something daughters, nieces, friends, really any girl, needs in their book collection and their lives.

Happy reading to you all :)

I just looked on a bookstore website and indeed there is a second book to this. It says it comes out in July of this year.


Beautiful Mess

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up!

This is a book review for the book 'A Beautiful Mess' The story of Diamond Rio with Tom Roland.

To start off I would like to give credit to the writer for producing this book. Books are definitely not an easy task to take on. While I appreciate the effort and time that was put into the making of this book, I did not enjoy it at all. To be honest, it was one of those books that start slow and stay slow. It got a bit better toward the end but not much. I found it dry and difficult to read. It was hard to concentrate and was not something I really cared to read. It might have been because it was my first time reading what was basically an autobiography written by someone else. But I didn't care for the style it was written in. I think that perhaps huge Diamond Rio fans would enjoy it though. You get a very good inside look at how the band came to be and the struggles that they each go through. The author does have an eye for detail and it is obvious that quite a lot of research went into the writing of this story. As I said in the beginning I appreciate the work put in by the author but it was just not this reviewer's cup of tea.