*A Love Forbidden*

This book review is for the novel "A Love Forbidden" by Kathleen Morgan.

I loved the imagery of the cover for this novel. It is not only pretty scenery but it makes you connect with the lead of the book I think. Just looking at it you feel like you are going to be diving into an adventure when you first crack the cover. And your inital adventure feeling will not be disappointed as you read through this historical novel!

Shiloh Wainwright is moved by the need for adventure and rather jumps the gun when she accepts a teaching position at the White River Indian Agency in Colorado.

She didn't exactly realize what she was getting into when she took the job and ends up in the middle of a war between the Utes and the US government.

A longing for a forbidden romance almost makes matters worse than they are could cause even more of a war than is already threatened.

Like I said above, great book! Read it for yourself and see!

Hope your weekend was amazing!

*Note* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. I am not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

Wish You Were Here Blog Tour Post

This book review is for the novel "Wish You Were Here" by Beth K. Vogt.

I really enjoyed this book. You really end up rooting for Allison and wanting her to not only get back to her good relationship with Christ but also to find herself and her happy ending after all.

Allison struggles with a lot of things and has a lot of soul searching to get through before maybe being able to put her life back together again after leaving her fiance at the alter.

Beth touches on some pretty heavy subjects in this book and I wouldn't say that she does is so much casually but more along the lines of subtly introducing them into the storyline. They are there but are not thrown in your face.

Allison Denman was supposed to be marrying her loving boyfriend in five days but instead finds herself in the embrace of his brother instead.

Confused beyond measure after this incident she isn't sure any longer if getting married is the next nor right step for her. Learning to let go and let God is one of the biggest lessons that she needs to learn and it going to take her decidedly out of her comfort zone.

I really did like the book and I do recommend it! Buy A Copy!

If you would like more information on this books author you can read about Beth Vogt HERE .

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I hope you all are having a great weekend and that you get to read a great book!

*Note* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. I am not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.


The Pursuit of Lucy Banning

This book review is for the novel "The Pursuit of Lucy Banning" by Olivia Newport.

I really enjoyed this story by Olivia and was sad to see the last page of it turn. I was a little put off by the cover as it was so muted and dark in colors but the story is anything but! Most people might not even think about what the cover looks like but it is one of the primary things that will make me pick up a book off the shelf. I am very glad I did pick up the book and it read it though! If you love historical novels, or even if you have never read one before, pick up a copy for yourself and introduce yourself to Olivia's very realistic characters!

Lucy Banning is essentially living a double life. In one of these lives is the proper engaged socialite that her mother expects her to be. "Thrilled" to be planning her high society wedding and making her mothers wedding rapturous dreams for her daughter come true. In her other life, the real Lucy comes out to play. She is more serious and studious and is secretly attending a college class. One only two people know of. Her loving Aunt Violet and her aunts driver.

This version of Lucy is also the one that dreads being made to give up her charity work and become a trophy wife once she is wed to her parents choice of a suitable husband. When this Lucy, the real Lucy, meets a charming young man, who just so happens to be a friend of her brothers, who she really is without the trappings of the life her mother wants for her come even more sharply into focus than before.

Olivia Newport seamlessly transports you to the world of 1892 and the historic World's Fair in Chicago. You get a sneak peek into the social realm of the upper crust in this time period and are genuinely interested in their lives up until the last page of this great novel! Have you read this book yet? I would love to hear thoughts on it!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

*Note* I received a free copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my review. I am not required to post a positive review. Any and all opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.


*My Stubborn Heart* A blog tour!

This review is for the debut novel "My Stubborn Heart" by Becky Wade.

I absolutely love finding new authors to read that have tremendous talent and Becky Wade is just such an author!
I love this story because not only does it use at least two generations of family together it weaves a wonderful tale of life, death, pain, redemption and grace.
Becky brings her characters to life with poignancy. The opening of the book was quite unique and immediately peaked my interest in the story. It was almost like the beginning of a fairy tale and was sure to be a charming story I thought. I do, however, hesitate to stick with my charming thought as it almost seems too trivial of  a word to use when, the wonderful author, Becky, manages to bring such depth and feeling to their lives and stories. She truly does an amazing job of weaving human characteristics into this story and gives you a glimpse into how different people deal with loss and pain while maintaining a thread of hope for something better to come for them.

Kate Donovan has walked through the past months in a lackluster daze. She does her job as a social worker well but really she is only going through the motions.
A request from her grandmother, for Kate to take a three month hiatus from her 9-5 and accompany her to her old hometown of Redbud, Pennsylvania to help restore the old family home, she jumps at the opportunity to escape her doldrums.
She is tired, lonely and depressed. At 31 she was sure God had her spouse out there for her and has prayed faithfully for him since she was young but still finds herself single wondering if he will ever appear.
Then Kate meets Matt Jarreau who is the hunky carpenter her grandmother hired to help them re-do the house.

Unsure of why, but knowing with a strong fact that she feels this way, Kate senses a deep and guarded sadness to Matt. Feeling attracted but waving it away by proclaiming him to attractive for her, she instead determines to pull Matt out of his shell and befriend him. Kate and her grandmother set out to do just that very thing and feel sure that they can succeed.

Could God be finally answering Kate's long uttered prayers or is Matt just in her path so she can help him along the rode to finally healing from his traumatic past?

I wholeheartedly recommend that you pick up this debut novel and read it for yourself! I think that you will find yourself sucked into the story and just as eager as I was to find out what happens to these very likable characters!

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Happy week and reading to you all!

*Note* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my review. I am not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.


**Blog Tour for Forever Hilltop**

This book review is for the blog tour for "Forever Hilltop" by Judy Baer.
It is two books in one volume. The titles of both books are "An Unlikely Blessing" and "Surprising Grace".

I like it when they put two books in one volume because then you can just flick a page and you're on to the next story!

An Unlikely Blessing

Alex Armstrong is starting over in life at the age of 42. One ex-fiance and seminary school later he is about to start his new job at his first parish assignment. A city boy being led into a Scandinavian community far in a rural area of North Dakota! What he doesn't realize is how much excitement a new handsome, single pastor will stir up in the congregation and just how much he has to learn about his new parishioners and their traditions.
Follow along with Alex as he gets his pastor feet underneath him and tries to figure out the town he has landed in at God's prompting.

Surprising Grace
In this follow up book to "An Unlikely Blessing", Alex has finally starting to settle into his role as Pastor of Hilltop Church and even feels like he is beginning to fit in and understand some of the strange ways of the people who live there. However, Alex, finds himself caught in a decision that could alter the course of his life.

Judy is very descriptive in her writing and pulls you into the story so that you can almost see it happening as you read along. If you enjoy a good and descriptive story pick up this two-in-one novel!

Hope you all have a fabulous week and get to read something good!

Read about the author!
About Judy:
Judy Baer was born and grew up on a farm on the prairies of North Dakota, experiencing many of the same things as her Hilltop characters. An only child, she spent most of her days with imaginary people-either those she read about or those she made up in her head. 
Baer graduated from Concordia College with majors in English and education and a minor in religion. While at the time, she was simply studying what interested her, Baer later realized that she was educating herself for her future career as a Christian writer. She certainly put her education to use as she is the author of more than 75 books. 
A certified professional life coach now certified in three coaching disciplines, Baer coaches primarily professional and aspiring writers. She is also a faculty advisor in the Department of Human Development at St. Mary's University in Minneapolis, MN. Baer has two daughters and three step children. She and her husband live in Minnesota. 
She invites you to visit her at her web site for more information on her and her books.  

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