Funny Travel Stories

This review is for the book "A Stingray Bit My Nipple!"
It is a book of true stories from real travelers. They are the best travel tales as seen in Budget Travel magazine.

The book seems fairly short overall, as are the stories in it. I downloaded it to the kindle on my Iphone and would sporadically read it when I was bored or sitting around waiting on someone. I have always liked funny travel stories so I enjoyed this book. Some of them were semi-disgusting but funny overall.

From nipple biting stingrays, attacking monkeys, mice on a stick and a lady stuck on a camel, this book will bring some laughs as well as some slight cringing from time to time.

I would say it is a better download for your kindle than in actual book form but otherwise a fun and quick read when you are bored.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Look for more book reviews this coming week :o)



Not so Hidden Affection for this novel!

This review is for the Historical Fiction novel, “Hidden Affections” by Delia Parr.

I’m not sure I could have loved this book any more than I did. It is truly an excellent novel! I had never read anything by Delia Parr before this book but I know I will for sure be looking for more titles by this offer in the very near future.

Annabelle Tyler is on the run from a very heartbreaking past. In her old hometown she is whispered about, openly shunned and humiliated at every turn. There was nothing left for her to do but move on and seek a new life in a new place. Her mother has passed away and she is all alone in the world.

Unforeseen circumstances land her in the same stagecoach as the infamous playboy and Philadelphia’s most eligible bachelor, Harrison Graymoor. His private coach had broken down thus he was forced into more common transportation. This turn of events is what lands him in trouble with one Ms. Annabelle Tyler.
Their stagecoach ends up being robbed and they are handcuffed together. Unfortunately that means that they end up spending the night in the robbed coach together and un-chaperoned.

A disgruntled man and others in the search party discover them curled up together and naturally assume the worst, since the worst is what Harrison is known for. They are forced to marry at gun point against both their wishes.

Annabelle carries a dark secret of her own; she has already been wed once and divorced by the cad that she sadly used to call her husband for a very short time. She ends up deciding not to tell Harrison about her previous marriage as their ultimate plan is to get a quickie annulment once they reach his home in Philadelphia.
Harrison promises Annabelle that this should prove no problem for his lawyer and that they will simply hide away from society until it happens so that they need not explain themselves when the annulment comes through.

That, of course, is not to be the case, as his cousin has a houseful of people in the house when they arrive and the newspaper had already caught wind of the marriage. Not that it was forced, but just that the notorious bachelor was wed.
Annabelle has deep issues and feelings of not being wanted as her previous husband dumped her. She is a Christian and holds onto the hope of a better life once she and Harrison are free of each other’s company.
When it becomes clear, however, that an annulment will be impossible given the man’s reputation, she realizes that as a twice divorced woman, in that day and age, that there is all likelihood that she will not be able to have the happy marriage and family that she so desires.

Harrison also holds deep hurts within his heart and mind and seems far removed from emotions and from having any thoughts of a loving God. He truly believes if he doesn’t allow himself to love someone then he cannot be hurt.

Come along on their journey of faith and finding themselves while they are tied to someone they might rather wish to be rid of at times.

Once again, I loved this book and I think you will too!

Happy Monday All!
Jenny 

*Note* I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.


Wild Ride with Charlotte Beck! Check this novel out!

This book review is for “The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck” by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Not sure I can say enough about this book! I loved it! I started reading it late last night and finished it before lunchtime today. It is one of those books that you just don’t want to put down once you start reading it.

This novel follows Charlotte Beck as she struggles to enter adulthood while doing many childish things that embarrass her family to no end. She is head strong and mostly well-intentioned but this is not always the case.

She talks her stepmother into pushing up her coming out and ends up making a huge mess of things and insulting a very prominent family in London’s society.

Even after apologizing for her stunt, she then proceeds to do something even more embarrassing and disgraceful which leads to her family being shunned from the same prominent society they should be a part of, as they are titled and quite wealthy themselves.

Never underestimate Charlotte Beck, however, she schemes up a plan and ends up turning her mortifying display into a very popular trick for the London set.
Nonetheless her father insists that her coming out be cut short and no New York balls and gatherings for her. Instead she is forced to return to Colorado where her father runs a business and owns a ranch out in the middle of nowhere.

She longs to go to college and be educated so that she can join her father’s business but after her shenanigans she has only proved to her father that she is still a child and not the grown woman she claims left and right to be, so he refuses to allow her to attend school.

The man that she previously wronged in London, Viscount Alex Hambly, the very well-bred Englishman, happens to be in the same city as her for business in America. He and his Solicitor are there trying to buy one of her father’s properties. And as he is most unfortunate when it comes to Charlotte, he continuously runs into her throughout the entire book. Her father seeing them together and seeing that Alex has enough gumption to handle his wayward daughter, proposes that they become betrothed.

Both Alex and Charlotte are dead set against this idea as they loathe the sight of each other, but hard pressing money woes for Alex and Charlottes desperate longing for schooling, leads them to end up eventually accepting the terms her father lays out which include a four year engagement while Charlotte finishes her education. After which time she and Alex will marry and she will take a place in her father’s company as she so desires. For the moment it solves both their problems.
No matter how reluctantly they agree to this arrangement, agree they do. Charlotte goes off to school for four years and Alex is given the money needed to successfully rebuild his families’ fortune.
But neither are quite prepared for how fast four years fly past and that her father will insist they honor the agreement that was made at the end of the four years even though neither one wishes to.

The only hope they see for it is to privately plot to annul the marriage as soon as possible. But you just watch what happens after they get married and one of them might begin to change their minds about that. Emotions explode while plans are derailed but one of them isn’t giving up the idea without a fight.

Their story is the main focus of the book but I love all the side stories to this book as well. The mystery surrounding Charlottes departed mother and the feud that is age old between her family and Alex’s. There was one mystery of a letter that was never quite cleared up and I so wish we would have been told what was in it!

Be sure to have a cup of coffee handy before beginning this book and have a large amount of time carved out for quiet reading time cause I think like me, you won’t want to put this book down!

If you have read this too, what are your thoughts? Did anyone else like it as much as I did?

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*Note* I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for posting a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.


Loving A Vision Of Lucy

This review is for the book, “A Vision Of Lucy” by Margaret Brownley.

It is apparently the third book in A Rocky Creek Romance series.
I have been reading a ton of historical fiction lately since that has been what I have been getting from the book programs I am a member of. I can’t say that I have ever read that much of it but I am finding myself becoming a fan of it. I have enjoyed every single one so far and recommend them! Some have been better than others but still all of them good and a product of someone’s hard work.

A Vision Of Lucy focuses on, well, Lucy and various different town people. She is obsessed with taking photographs and has her own camera. This is back in the day when a camera was a box and you had to use plates to take the photos and then develop them in a dark room. It is quite interesting to read the explanation of how photos used to be taken and how long it had to be exposed to properly capture the image. Photography has vastly improved since then!

Lucy lives with her dad and younger brother. Her dad owns a mercantile in their tiny Texas town and her brother works there but longs to be a doctor. Her dad has a pile of secrets of his own and for reasons unknown has a huge problem with the only doctor in town, whom her brother would need to work with in order to fulfill his dream. Their mother died many years ago by being thrown from her horse in the middle of the night. She was a painter and one painting in particular that she left behind for them seems to bring the father great pain. He refuses to allow it to be hung in the house so it sits in a dark closet.
Lucy has studied it trying to figure out what bothers her father about it so much but it is simply a landscape and nothing of his secrets make any sense to her whatsoever.

She is constantly getting into one form of trouble or another and is in great danger of becoming an old maid as she refuses any offer of marriage presented to her father. She staunchly refuses to marry if she is not in love. Which she is not in love with any of the suitors who might seek her hand. One in particular is actually almost a little sinister seeming.

Lucy’s heart is in the right place but she has not yet fully focused on what God’s goal is for her life. She wants to take pictures for the newspaper desperately but that job ends up landing her and someone else in bad straits.

Enter David Wolf, the half breed, as he is referred to. He is half white and half Indian. Left on the doorstep of a mission as a baby, he has never been accepted in society. He is neither white nor Indian so neither party welcomes his presence. He too holds a dark and painful secret, one that will bring him back, many years after the incident, to Rocky Creek Texas. The returning of which also lands him in sticky situations with one Ms. Lucy Fairbanks.

This tale has it all. A deeply rooted mystery, a fire, hurt feelings, almost tragic pasts and passion for what is right.
Follow along with Lucy as she struggles to get her future into picture perfect focus.

Hope you are all having an awesome week! I definitely loved this book! :o)

*Note* I received this book for free through the Booksneeze book review bloggers program in exchange for writing a review about it. I am not required to write a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.