Review Policy


I am always open for review requests for fiction novels and all kinds of products. If my review conditions below are satisfactory for you or your company, please feel free to email me at with your review request. I will respond to your review request if I'm interested. Thank you! :)

Review Policy for Books:

All books requested to be reviewed WILL be reviewed. In addition to posting a review on this blog, reviews will be posted on Amazon and another book or product retailers site.

I give an honest opinion on any book I read. As you can see reading my other reviews; in the rare case, that I do not like a book, I am not derogatory about it. I will just simply state what I do not like and why. Of course everyone's opinion differs and what I do not like, someone else might.

*Books are not reviewed in the order they are received.* This is partly due to the blog tours that I participate in, and I try to make sure those are taken care of first. However, I am a voracious reader so most books are read within a few days of picking them up and I review promptly upon complete reading of the book.

If your book is part of a blog tour and I have not had time to read it yet, then I will still post something about it to meet the deadline and let readers know that I will be reading and writing a more extensive review.

Books Not Accepted for Review

Non-fiction (a very select few are acceptable, but not as a general rule)
Self-help books

Product Review Policy:

All products requested for review will be reviewed. If the item is one that is available for sale on a consumer website (such as Amazon), my review will be posted there as well as on my blog.

As with books, I will give an honest review of the product and what I thought. Products submitted for review will not be guaranteed a positive review, but an honest review, whether good or bad. No review will be derogatory just honest.