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I am in the process of testing out two different BlueTooth Speakers that are available at Best Buy and that review is upcoming! Have to love music inspired reviews! Keep on dancing!

I also will have a review coming up for Apple TV, Samsung 4K Television, GoPro Hero 4 and maybe a few surprises ;)


*Dog Food Review* Victor Super Premium Dog Food

I wanted to share some information about a new dog food that I have discovered for all of my fellow doggie owners. My dogs are my babies and I only want the best products for them! That can be hard to come by while still staying within a reasonable budget especially when it comes to their dog food. I don't think human food is horrible for them as an occasional snack but kibble is what they eat twice a day.  I had been using one food that had good ratings and they seemed to like but recently they went off of a new bag of it I bought. Didn't seem interested at all. That worried me, as they had been loving it up till now. I started researching food again and found that for some reason this food appeared to longer have as good of a rating and my dog was not the only one to have gone off of it. Don't know if they changed suppliers, ingredients or what but I was determined to find my babies something better.

I spent hours reading reviews and checking out dog food ratings based on their ingredients etc and also reading the comments posted below these rated reviews as to other people's experience with the different brands.

One of the brands that stood out for me with the reviews from different people as well as it's stellar rating was Victor Dog Food. All of their Super Premium Dog Food contains no Corn, Wheat, Soy or Gluten and is free from less digestible processed grain by-products.

I tracked it down at a local shop where I live and my husband and I went into the store to check out several brands I had deemed acceptable and see the price differences etc in person.

After looking over the 2-3 I had narrowed the field down to with my online research we had pretty much settled on Victor Super Premium. At my particular store it was only around $35 for a 40lb bag which was almost the same price I had been paying for the food my dogs went off of.

This store had a wall of samples for all different kinds of food with a sign to ask for help with them.

I nabbed an employee and was asking her opinion of the Victor Brand. She told me that it was one of the best selling foods that they carried and proceeded to point us from the flavor we had chosen to another one of their particular bags. The one we had been eyeballing was too much protein for our dogs since they are not "working" animals. They don't hunt, or show or anything so basically being lazy house dogs, it would be too much protein in this particular recipe for their systems.

This young lady was very helpful and knowledgable not just about their brand but others as well.

She told us that with the Victor, our dogs poop would be less stinky, they would poop less in general and that it would break up into the earth better. Also that their bad habit of stinky gas would be less to none as well.

When you change your dogs food, you are supposed to do it gradually by mixing it with what they are currently eating and slowly lowering the current food amount as you up the new food intake.

She told us that buying a different bag every time to every two times would be good for our pooches as long as we stayed in the same brand. That they get bored with food just like people.

We were given various samples of the Victor Super Premium Brand food from their wall of samples to try the different formulas with our dogs and see if there was any they like in particular or didn't like at all.

So far, our dogs have absolutely loved every single one that they have tried including the full sized bag we went ahead and purchased at the same time.

Even during the transition over to Victor from their other food, so only getting part Victor food, I noticed my dogs poop was already not only stinking way less, the amount coming out was less and they have had no gas at all so far. (which is great for us! lol )
And they have loved every single bit of it no matter which flavor we have fed them!
They are eating slower and seeming to enjoy the aspect of dinner now.

For us, so far, Victor Super Premium Brand Dog Food has been amazing and something that I have been recommending to people.

I will note, I have been given nothing to write this review nor prompted by any company to do so.

My dogs mean a lot to me, they are family and I know other's feel the same way about their babies.

This food at this point is getting a 5 Star rating out of 5 Stars from me!

My next bag of food for them will for sure come from the Victor Brand!!!

Here is a link to their website so you can check out the food and ingredients for yourself!

Victor Dog Food



So I had the pleasure of rode tripping it to the Georgia Aquarium with my hubby, sister and brother-in-law. We had a fun filled day and got to enjoy the beauty of spectacular underwater worlds.

One thing that I will say is that even going on a weekday, this place is PACKED. I highly recommend that every group that goes makes sure they have more than one cell phone and that they have a game plan for seeing the exhibits. As crowded as it gets I think it would be easy to miss something.
And there are so many cool things I don't think you want to risk that!
I will also note that there is a cafeteria in the aquarium so food is plentiful. I would make sure that you carve out at least half a day for your visit. And if you like souvenir pressed pennies be sure to have enough change for the machines!

They have so many different exhibits from touch pools, to dolphins, to whale sharks!

But let me tell you that my FAVORITE exhibit at the Aquarium was by far in the Tropical Diver by Southwest gallery.

It is one of the largest living reef exhibits in any aquarium in the world and it is spectacular.

It is the most relaxing, mesmerizing exhibit we found in the entire place. I could have easily stayed sitting or standing in front of it for an hour. It is so peaceful and beautiful. It is equipped with thousands of fish, a pacific coral reef and even an overhead crashing wave!

Living Reef! Check out the wave!

 Some of the pictures that we captured on this visit are just beautiful! Don't delay and check out the Georgia Aquarium for yourself!!

You can purchase tickets HERE!

I am curious about my readers and whether you have ever been here? If so, what was your favorite part? Comment below and let me know! Also don't forget to check out the gift shop on your way out!

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary ticket to see the aquarium in exchange for my review. All opinions given are my own and they are sincere.


Unreal Candy Coated Chocolates "UnJunked Candy"

I got the Candy Coated Chocolates for my taste test.

So I will admit that I approached the idea of this candy with some skepticism as the whole all natural seeming "unjunked" candy just sounded to good to be true.
And inn a way, it is to good to be true.
First off I think they are a bit to high priced for candy and secondly when you open the package and pour out those candy coated chocolates... or rather their version of plain m&m's they are a super funky color.

The color of these candies are very off putting as you will note in the attached photo. They looked like they would taste really weird.

Upon first trying the little candies they didn't quite taste like m&m's but they weren't horrible either. They had an odd taste that is hard to put your finger on. Like I said not awful but not quite good either.

However, and this is a BIG however, they leave the most awful aftertaste in your mouth. I can assure you that I will NOT be purchasing this particular candy again.
I really appreciate the effort of trying to "unjunk" the candy and I can even overlook the funky colors they have chosen to make them but I will not eat something that leaves such a foul aftertaste.

*I am a BzzAgent and received coupons to be able to try this product for free.*



Poetic Cover Mate Plus case for The New iPad (3rd Gen) / iPad 3 / iPad HD White PARIS (Personal Computers)

This case actually looks better and even cuter in person than it does online. It is a smart case that turns your Ipad off when it is shut.
It arrived a day sooner than I expected so I was very pleased with that. It was in excellent, brand new condition and was packaged well. I was worried about ordering it because I was afraid that it wouldn't fit my Ipad 2 or turn it off right, since it doesn't say whether it does or not. But rest assured that it fit the Ipad 2 perfectly and turns it off with the smart cover just like it's supposed to do. So if you are on the fence about ordering it, I highly recommend it! And rest assured it will fit your Ipad 2 correctly as well as fitting the 3!

The only thing you should be aware of it that if you are going to use it to watch movies etc or want to prop it up it isn't as sturdy as one that props up in the grooves of the case since this one folds up behind the case. That is the only thing I don't like about it. It will stand but just not as sturdy as it should.


This review is for Matt Kearney's newest album 'Young Love'.
It currently sits at number 5 on Itunes and it debuted in the #1 slot. I don't ever remember hearing anything specifically by Matt but listening to the music I feel like a few of the songs seem familiar. Like something you have heard on a TV show or movie. There was one song I wasn't thrilled with but almost every song on this album has some of the best beats and tune to it. I can easily imagine listening to this CD during a commute or just cleaning the house. I found myself dancing in my seat listening to several of the tracks. Tapping a toe, bobbing your head, you will definitely move in some way while listening to this album.
I like how it's a blend of rockish/popish/folkish. I even heard a small type of rap in the beginning of one song. His music is a very successful fusion of several different styles.
I recommend this CD for anyone who likes artist such as ColdPlay, Snow Patrol etc. His style strongly reminds me of those bands in particular. All in all I give Matt's newest release a thumbs up!

You can check out Matt's website here

*Note* I received a download of Matt's CD for free from being a member of One2One Network in exchange for my review. I am not required to post a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.



This review is for the Dr. Scholl's (R) For Her High Heel Inserts.

I received these insoles to try and was thrilled because all of us ladies know how brutal high heels can be when you are in them for to long. I had high expectations for these insoles but sadly have to report that they were not as I had expected. I am not sure if I put them to far forward in my shoe or not but they were so thick they pushed against my feet and caused them to dig into the straps of my shoes. The heels on these shoes are about 4 inches. I am going to try them in a peep toe shoe as well, with a slightly smaller heel and see if maybe a different shoe gets a different fit with it. I will report back if they do better in a different style of high heel.

*NOTE* I received these insoles for free through being a Bzz Agent in exchange for a review. I am not obligated to write a positive review an any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.


This review is for the Remington style Ionic Ceramic Hairdryer.

 It has 1875 watts/ ionic conditioning/ eco setting/ 3 heats and 2 speeds/ radiant heat ceramic and cool shot, to set your style.
 It comes with the full size hairdryer, a diffuser, also a concentrator for helping hair be sleek and smooth, as well as a removable air filter for easy cleaning.

It is eco friendly with eco settings which uses less energy which is a great thing all around.
The box says it will make hair have less frizz and more shine.

When my newest hair dryer went on the fritz I went looking for a not to expensive replacement that I didn't have to worry about getting clogged with lint etc.

After doing my research I settled on the Remington. I have to tell you the box does exactly what it promises. Not only is the hair dryer a super cute hot pink and black, but my hair has never felt better.
It is always smooth, sleek, frizz free and silky after using this dryer.

This hair dryer will have a place in my house for a long time and I will definitely be looking at more Remington products. Definitely has the Jenny stamp of approval! ;)