~In Prince Edward Island~

This book review is for the novel Love Finds You "In Prince Edward Island Canada" by Susan Page Davis.

First off I just have to commend whomever picked the cover art for this book. I honestly think it is one of the prettiest book covers I have ever seen. There is something so refreshingly romantic about this picture. The softness and the beauty of the island. The amazing dress the girl is wearing helps sweep you into the timing of this novel with ease. The picture alone would make me pick this book up!

Susan opens up a world set in 1860 with artfully flowing characters and an engaging story line. I cannot even imagine what it must have been like that long ago. Prince Edward Island has long held a fascination for me. Every since I saw and read Anne of Green Gables it has been on my list of places to see and explore. I loved getting a peek into it in this book.

Molly Orland's father owns quite a large farm and she spends her days keeping house with her mother and helping around the farm. But after an accident lays up her father from being able to help her Grandpa and brothers with all of the farm work, Molly is called upon to try and get employment at Government House as a server or housekeeper.
She worries that she will be looked down upon for seeking employment but does it regardless in order to help her family.

With Prince Edward of the royal family coming for a visit to the island, Government House is in a tizzy and is looking to hire on extra staff just for his visit.

Peter Stark is along as an under steward for the royal party on this tour and unbeknownst to him will run across Molly in her work at Government House. He is attracted at first glance but she assumes him to be of higher class than her own with his clothing and manner. He, however, is just as much a servant as she is. He also works for the very man that her family needs to see. A long buried secret will soon be brought to light and retribution is being sought after. This turn of events will affect Peter and Molly more than he ever thought. Will history repeat itself or will healing be brought to this family?

Love, Love, Love this book! Huge thumbs up to Susan! I will be eagerly reading more of her work!
Highly recommend this novel! Just beautiful from the front cover to back cover :o)

Hope you are having an amazing week!

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