Love Love Love~Before The Season Ends~

This review is for the novel "Before The Season Ends" by Linore Rose Burkard.

This first book is A Regency Inspirational Romance. There appears to be at least one more book in this series and I am super excited to read it!

I cannot say enough good things about this book! When they say for the Jane Austen Soul they are not exaggerating. If you have been reading my blog you know I loveeeee Jane Austen and always get excited when I find books that are reminiscent of her writing and style.
Linore definitely captures it!

I don't remember ever reading anything by Linore before but you can be assured I will now be looking for more things by her after reading this book.

And Linore if you read this..I commend you on superior writing and such great names for your characters! Love it!!


Ariana Forsythe finds herself shipped off to London to a wealthy aunt for her first season, after setting her cap at a man her parents find most unsuitable...he is old enough to be her father.

Ariana is all young beauty, promise, faith filled, wonderstruck girl, who marvels at the excess of her aunt and the society that makes up London's Ton.

The things she sees in London is unlike anything she has seen in her short nineteen years.

When a scandal rocks her world, she cannot believe the cruelty of people and finds herself thrown  together with the man known as the "Paragon".

He is notorious for his sharp tongue and steady disapproval of all young girls, Ariana included. Not only is he known to be rude, he is mostly known for his riches and his more than confirmed bachelorhood. At thirty everyone has given up on any young women ever "catching" the darkly handsome Mr. Phillip Mornay.

However, the scandal that is spread from house to house like a sickness, involves on Mr. Mornay and our young Ariana, throwing them together in the post unpredictable of circumstances.

Perhaps what was meant for evil will turn out for good and blessings.

Now if only Mornay shared our beautiful Ariana's faith and actually wanted to get married to someone....

Once again cannot say enough good things about this book! Absolutely loved it and highly recommend it to all!

Happy happy week my friends!

*Note* I received this book for free from Harvest House in exchange for a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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