Southern Fried Sushi

This review is for the novel "Southern Fried Sushi" by Jennifer Rogers Spinola.

To start off with, the cover of this book is genius! It immediately makes you want to laugh and pick up a copy. The red cowboy boots make me want to own a pair and I'm loving the kimono!
Between the title and the cover I would have picked it up off the shelf for sure!

Shiloh Jacobs is 24 years old, has a prestigious job at the Associated Press in Tokyo and is engaged to an incredibly handsome and well to do man.

She has carried with her like a much loved purse and incredible amount of hurt and anger from her past and doesn't want to let God in. She refuses to acknowledge the fact that He is really in charge. She takes credit for any success that she has and has locked her heart down.

Receiving the unexpected news that her estranged mother has passed away, rocks Shiloh's carefully constructed existence. Furthering throwing her off balance is the fact that she needs to go to her mother's funeral in a quirky unknown southern town and deal with the house and belongings that have been left to her.

Shiloh heads for Virginia, angry, alone, without any family to really speak of and blocked off from any real emotion expect anger.

One thing after another begins to happen to her until she feels like every good thing in her life has been lost and stripped from her.

But just maybe it's all being removed so that God can put something even better together for her.

I love all the quirky characters that Jennifer brought to this novel. It was easy to go along with her vision for this book and feel like you had been dropped into a crazy seeming place right along with Shiloh.

Hope you are reading! Any suggestions for my book list?

*Note* I received this book for free from Barbour Books in exchange for a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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