Flight Of Fancy

This book review is for the novel " A Flight of Fancy" by Laurie Alice Eakes.
It is book 2 in 'The Daughters of Bainbridge House'.

As soon as I realized that Laurie was the one that had written "A Necessary Deception" I knew I wanted to read this book!

Once again this series did not disappoint and I am eagerly awaiting the next one in this series.
Laurie is becoming one of my favorite historical regency romance writers!
I very much loved the cover on this book and very excitedly dug in once the book got here.

Cassandra Bainbridge is almost an unlikely heroine but you quickly come to love her and want her to have her happily ever after. I just loved how Laurie seemed to so effortlessly blend in a lesson amongst the intrigue and romance of this story.
She has pinpointed the way to have a story focus mostly on the main characters but still be able to weave secondary people in without them overwhelming the story. I also really enjoyed the different things involving the ballooning that Cassandra is so interested in. It was very neat to see what it must have been like when these things were first invented and I loved a heroine that had a scientific brain and wasn't afraid to try her experiments for her hobby.

Cassandra Bainbridge may not be as straitlaced as she should be but Geoffrey Giles makes her heart pound and her good senses seem to fly out the window when he is near.

Losing sense of her head, however, may make her lose more than she bargained for in the long run.

Different opinions on ballooning is not the only thing that might come between their happily every after.

I so recommend this book and urge you to pick it up and read for yourself. And if you haven't read the first book in this series "A Necessary Deception" that one is one of my favorites!

Happy Reading,

*Note* I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review. I am not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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