Surrender the Heart

This book review is for the stunning novel by MaryLu Tyndall, "Surrender the Heart".
It is the first book in the 'Surrender to Destiny' series.

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I have to say that MaryLu's writing just jumps off the page. You can feel the emotions rolling toward you almost as if you are standing in the same room with her vibrant cast. I am really looking forward to reading more books by her. This one kept me engrossed and really interested up until the last page.

Surrender the Heart is set in Baltimore during the War of 1812. Against everything inside of herself, Marianne has agreed to marry Noah Brenin, who she grew up with. Both of them detest the other and their parents set up the match between them. Noah has agreed to please his parents and Marianne agreed only so that she can unlock her inheritance and perhaps save her mothers life. Quite against both parties wishes they end up finding themselves entangled in the war when Noah's ship is taken and they are impressed in the Royal Navy.

I appreciated all the emotions that go into MaryLu's writing. You can easily imagine the period clothing and feel the emotional struggles as they carry out their stories. Noah, bearing unbelievable scars and pain, trusting in what he believes is a trustworthy nation that really cannot be trusted at all. All of this including his engagement to someone he doesn't love in his attempt at pleasing a father who has never forgiven him for the past. And Marianne desperately seeking the help that she needs for her mother, dealing with the loss of a loved one and her own gaping feelings of inadequacy and loss. I think at some point we have all been in one of the two places. Trusting something that can't be trusted or feeling inadequate in whatever area that bothers each person. This story is not only a story of redemption and belonging, it is one of healing, hope and attaining the faith and forgiveness needed to move forward. Another running thread throughout this book is trust, learning to trust each other and more importantly learning to trust our Creator.

Pick up a copy of this book! I do not think that you will be disappointed.

I hope you are all doing amazing this week!

*Note* I received this book from Barbour in exchange for a review. I am not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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