Ransome's Quest

This review is for the novel "Ransome's Quest". It is the third book in The Ransome Trilogy.

I have previously read and reviewed the first book, "Ransome's Honor", which you can read here..Ransome's Honor~ Truly Amazing Book!
and the second book Ransome's Crossing which you can read here.. Ransome's Crossing

I am excited to post the last review on this series because I now know what happens but sad at the same time because there are no more!
This trilogy is one of those series that you just do not want to put down. Once you start you have to find out what happens in the very end! Be prepared for some late nights once you pick up the first book :)

Kaye Dacus has managed to make pirates, Caribbean life and adventure come to life on the pages of these novels! Swashbuckling adventure at its best. This last book brings everything into an explosive satisfying conclusion! I applaud this series!

I could not be more pleased that I had the opportunity and pleasure to review these books. Please check out Kaye's website here...
I have visited her website and am super excited to see how many more books of hers there are still left to read. She also has a novel in progress tracker on her site so you can see where she is at in the writing process for her newest novel! Very original and neat to see!

The heroism continues in this book, as both Ransome ladies are kidnapped by pirates. One pirate being more "kindhearted" than the other one. But both women are still in a somewhat perilous positions though as each kidnapping takes place.

Having first his sister kidnapped, William goes after her with a vengeance, determined to get her back immediately. This leaves, his wife, Julia alone on the sugar plantation with their workers, who William believes can be trusted.

It's not much longer after leaving her there in their protection that William gets the news that the blackest hearted pirate Shaw has taken his beloved Julia. With stories of Shaw's cruelty swirling through the Caribbean, William is heartsick at the thought.

Now he has the unthinkable position of having to decide who to pursue first... his little sister or his wife?

His previous First Lieutenant, Ned Cochrane steps up to the plate and offers to go after Charlotte himself which frees up William to go after Julia. Knowing for certain that Ned will do everything in his power to find Charlotte and bring her home swiftly.

With the Navy's assets at their disposal they both fly into action. Each of them going after their respective woman with steely determination and alot of prayers.
You will not believe the outcome of this novel. There is more action and suspense in this novel than in the whole series. Out of the three books this was my favorite! There are definitely shocking revelations in this book and it is a must read! You do not see them coming in the first two books.
Do not walk away without reading this whole series! Huge thumbs up to Kaye Dacus and I cannot wait to read more novels by her! Do yourself a favor and pick all three of them up!

Happy reading my friends!

P.S. Let me know what you guys thought of these when you read them!

*Note* I received this book for free from Harvest House Publishers in exchange for posting a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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