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This review is for "In Between" by Jenny B. Jones. It is the first book in A Katie Parker Production series.
In a side note I want to commend Ms. Jones on her character development and all the interesting characters she brings to this book.
I would love to read a book that is based on Maxines character! Just a thought ;)

I knew from reading the back of the book that I was going to like this novel. But, I couldn't believe how much I actually did end up really really enjoying this book! I am definitely looking forward to reading the other books in this series and will for sure look for other titles by Ms. Jones.

This book is not your usually Christian fiction as Katie questions things. She doesn’t just automatically believe because her foster parents do. She questions and tries to figure out if and what she believes of what she hears in church. She wants to believe but she’s had a hard life and questions. It does have a happy ending though. But I liked that she didn’t just automatically be like I believe whatever you believe. I connected with this character because she goes to a place that I think we have all been.
I just can’t say enough about this book.

You've got Katie whose life is just a mess. Plain and simple you would not want to be in this girls shoes.
Her mother is in jail, she's living is a crappy home for girls and her dad is a deadbeat.

Being sixteen can be hard enough without adding in a drug peddling mom and a no show dad.

She seems to have no faith in God and definitely has an overdramatic streak running through her.

We open with her riding along heading toward In Between Texas to be dropped off with her new foster parents. Or as Katie likes to refer to them as, her pretend-o-parents.

What makes it even "better" for her is as they roll through town, she sees the local water tower with the words "Home of the In Between Chihuahua". And realizes with semi-horror that her new high school mascot will be the Chihuahua. So not only does she get to be the new kid in school once again...she has to be a Chihuahua. Life just isn't looking up for one Ms. Katie Parker.

Her foster parents turn out to be a couple in their fifties. What she doesn't realize until the director, of the girls home, leaves her there is that her new foster dad happens to be a preacher. She is less than thrilled about this as she doesn't "do" church.

She is the typical get myself kicked out so I can go back to the home girl for just a little bit and then is able to turn it around.

She definitely has abandonment issues and thinks any little problem is going to get her sent back and eventually she doesn't want that.

Needless to say her foster parents are long suffering and try to give her a little leeway toward being able to make good decisions on her own.

She blows it first chance she gets and her butt lands in church and helping out others, in various ways, pretty quick. Which is what she needed even if she didn't know it yet.

Throw in Mad Maxine, her foster grandmother (who I could totally write a whole other review on just her), a huge drooling dog who likes to play dress up, a mystery daughter that no one speaks of and one jaded foster daughter and you have a whopper of a story.

There are so many interesting characters I can't write about them all or this review would turn into a novel of its own.

I think anyone will relate to this book. Especially if you have ever felt awkward in a group, like you maybe don't belong, been the new kid or even ever questioned faith. This novel is a gem and I would love for all of you to read it too as I think you would love it right along with me.

Venture along with Katie as she learns it's all right to count on God and faith and it's all right to let your guard down and really want something.

Hope you all are having the best Monday possible!

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***Note*** You can check out Jenny B Jones website here to read about the author and see the books that are currently out and ones coming out soon.

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  1. Hi Jenny! This was a great review ~ very informative, thank you for sharing it with us. You made me want to pick up and copy (the whole purpose for a review, right?)

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