The Power of Steam, Y'all!

Hey all! Today I am writing this post on one of my favorite finds for cleaning my floors!

I don't know about all of you but cleaning the kitchen floor is one of my least liked tasks to do!

I had been using one of those mops that you fill up the separate bottle with warm water and your choice of floor cleaner, pop it in and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the handle again and again to spritz water out as you mopped away with the microfiber pad that attached via Velcro.

I hated doing it this way. I never felt like the floor got clean enough, my hand hurt from all the spritzing and oftentimes I had problems with it clogging if I put too much cleaner it. Not to mention having to hold the mop down super hard to try to get tough spots off the floor, which didn't always work out.
I didn't feel like it was sanitary enough and I wasn't a huge fan of using chemicals on the floors.

But...one day it happened! I came across the awesome thing known as a steam mop! I did some research before making my purchase to decide on brand and model.

I, personally, ended up choosing the Bissell Steam Mop! You can see specs and details of the mop http://www.bestbuy.com/site/bissell-powerfresh-steam-mop-bright-white/6603181.p?id=1218760171746&skuId=6603181

Please keep in mind that Best Buy is just one of the places to purchase this. You can also get this at Target, Sears, Walmart... etc. etc.  Best Buy does offer a price match guarantee though so keep that in mind when shopping any of the listed stores. I know a lot of them will do that.

One of the things that I love about this mop is that the mop heads are washable and reusable. I do, however, wish that they would make disposable heads an option as well. (To date: as far as I know, they are not an option).

The other thing that is actually my favorite feature on this mop is the fact that it requires NO CHEMICAL use! All I have to do it put water in the tank (I use distilled to keep it running well), plug it in and click the button for it to heat up(which feels like it only takes a few seconds really) and away I mop!

The steam cleans so much better than the water mixed with floor cleaner that I used to use. If I have any kind of stubborn mess or spot that doesn't want to come up with a pass of the mop all you have to do is hold it over the spot and swipe again until the steam has loosened it enough to come up. No more scrubbing as hard as you can. So much easier!

I honestly could not get over how shiny, fresh smelling and sanitized my floors looked, smelled and felt.

I purchased this mop myself and was given no incentive to write this post. I just honestly love my mop and it has made cleaning a much easier and satisfying task.

As I stated before there are many brands of steam mops to choose from but I did my due diligence in research and this was the mop for me and has continued to be.

I have had this mop close to a year now with zero issues in performance.


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