Blue Tooth Speakers! Get ready to Jam!

I have the great fun of being sent 2 small blue tooth speakers from Best Buy to try out and share my experience with you all.

One of them you can plug into the wall and is slightly bigger than my hand. The other one is ball shaped and is covered in what appears to be silicone that comes in really fun colors! It also has a soft handle built on to attach it to backpacks, belt loops, purses, sports bags or anything you can think of!

I have to say that out of the two of them my favorite is the Insignia Bluetooth Speaker which is the ball shaped one. I like the fact that it is small enough to fit in the palm of my hand but it still packs a wallop of sound! I honestly didn't expect it to have as good of a sound as it does, especially given it's small size! I am also loving all of the fun, bright and pretty colors that this speaker comes in. Definitely rates it high on my list!
 It is also splash proof which is a big perk in my book as my husband and I like to go out fishing on the boat and he really enjoys camping in the summer and this speaker does not require a plug in as long as you have charged it up with the provided USB cable prior to use as it has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to  6 hours of play on a full charge.

With 6 hours you best be getting your dancing shoes ready! Maybe brush off those singing skills?

This speaker is priced at $19.99 but as of writing this review it is on sale for only $14.99 which is a great deal given the performance that you get with this little wonder!

If you want to check out this speaker, the colors available or better yet purchase one for yourself to enjoy! You can click this link Splash Proof Speaker!

And if you do decide that you have to have one of these awesome little speakers for your own outdoor party than I have a special treat for you! Follow this link 30% off! and you will be able to score 30% off your purchase of one! And I already told you they are on sale too!

I've been talking about all the fun colors and here is a picture to show you!

This is the speaker color that I got in my picture of it in action! Told you guys it was good to clip on backpacks!

The next speaker that we have to talk about is from the same brand as the one above but this blue tooth speaker is a wall plug in one.

The Insignia Plug In Bluetooth Speaker also wireless streams music but it has a built in charger on the back and has a rechargeable battery but it has 2 hours of playback when unplugged and fully charged.

I feel like this speaker is better suited to being in your office or kitchen (who doesn't like tunes when they are cooking?!) vs. taking it outside like we like to do with the other Insignia speaker talked about above.  Check out mine! I think you can tell by the pictured toaster that it is in my kitchen ;)

I like the fact that since this was designed as a wireless option for your home use that they built the plug in directly into the body of it versus having to deal with yet another charger and more cords that are separate from it.

Makes things so much simpler to just keep it an all in one unit and sometimes simplicity is exactly what some electronics lack.

While this one is somewhat larger (but not by a whole lot) than the clippable one above this speaker packs a good punch for your music as well! The neutral color of it also helps it blend into other household items so that it doesn't stand out among most decor.

If you want to check out this speaker or buy it for yourself you can follow this link Plug In Speaker!

Hope you guys are having happy weeks and listening to some calming music! Excuse me while I look for my Scottish BagPipe cd!


Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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