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Today for review we actually have a double whammy! This includes the first AND second book in the "Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn" series.

I have never had the pleasure before this of reading anything by Evangeline Kelley but I am glad I picked these up.

The one thing I wasn't that thrilled with was the cover choices for the books. While they are pretty watercolor style covers they dated the books a bit I thought. Personally, I am big on what covers look like and have had good ones draw me into picking up the book which sometimes leads to discovering a great story! With that said the story behind the covers is very good!

With book one "Seaside Harmony" we meet the three sister we will come to cheer on as the book progresses.

Ms. Kelley's writing style is very descriptive and I could almost imagine my toes sinking into that sun-warmed sand and the sound of waves crashing down the beach. The tightness of your nose as it gets slightly burned from a happy afternoon spent at the beach and sticky salt spray sticking to your skin as you trudge home sun sated and happy.

If you can make someone imagine they are in the setting you describe then I call that a success!

~~~~~~~~~~ (Seaside Harmony)~~~~~~~~~~
Caroline Marris is pulled toward Nantucket Island for a getaway with her two sisters.

What they don't realize is that more than just rest and fun await them on this island.

When she convinces them to buy an old inn their mother held dear, a mystery waits within it's walls.

The question remains whether or not easily distracted Caroline can be kept on track long enough to make this new dream a reality?

~~~~~~~~~(Sunflower Summer)~~~~~~~~~~

Misty Harbor Inn is finally having it's official opening and Gracie (middle sister) has a huge decision she needs to make in the midst of all of this.
Opening this Inn definitely comes with a learning curve. They not only need to learn how to run their new business venture they have a lot to learn about themselves and each other.

The mystery continues in Sunflower Summer with more heart and sisterly bonding that the first book started.

I think that you will enjoy the story that both books blend together to tell!

Hope you all are having an amazing weekend!


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a review. I am not required to post a positive one. All opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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