**Love Finds A Way**

This book review is for the novel "Love Finds a Way" by Wanda Brunstetter.

It is three different romance stories in one book. It was a quick read for me but the stories were all cute.

Blueberry Surprise
 Lorna Patterson is a widow but a very young one. She has been living with her husbands parents for the past several years in hopes of making dealing with their grief easier since they have each other to lean on. When she decides to go back to college, she is nervous that she will be the oldest one there and have a hard time fitting in. On her first day she meets an attractive student named Evan Bailey. At first she is not interested even though he very much is in her. While in college he is also taking an online cooking class and keeps trying to woo her with his awful baking skills. It is quirky characteristic like this that draws Lorna to him but she is still not sure she is ready to stop grieving her husband and start living again.

Grandma's Doll
 Sheila Nickels comes back to her home town to visit her grandmother, who has just moved from her beautiful old house to a retirement facility. She is there to see her settled and to pick one item from her grandmother's house that means something to her. Sheila only has one thing in mind for this precious possession and it is a very old doll that she and her cousins used to play with. She has always dreamed that the doll was hers and now it will be. Well it will, if she can only find it. Come to find out the doll has long been sold and the antique store that bought it has been bought by a young man. He can find no record of the doll or the sale but determines to help Sheila track it down and possibly win her heart in the process of it all.
MatchMaker 911
Wendy Campbell runs her father's old barber shop and is not looking for a relationship in the slightest. She has her hands more than full running the business by herself and caring for her aging father.
When a handsome paramedic is called in one day to come to her fathers aid, it starts a chain of events in motion. She might not want a man but her father wants her to have a husband and he will not stop short of even faking 911 calls to throw the pair together.
Can love overcome fear and resentment? Can these two see past insecurities and find love?

I hope you guys are reading this weekend!


*Note* I received a free copy of this book from Barbour in exchange for a review. I am not required to post a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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