Ciao (Which is the perfect name for this novel)

This review is for the novel "Ciao" by Melody Carlson.

This is the last book in the On The Runway series.

I always think that the last book in the series is a little bittersweet and have to wonder if the author of the books feels this way too? I was very excited to get the book and see what happens in the end after reading all of them. Melody does not disappoint but the book did leave me wanting more of the Forrester sisters story. It didn't seem like we were done with them yet and the story of their lives is far from over in my opinion. I am really hoping there will be more novels about these two.

In the last novel we see Paige trying to pick through the rubble of the disaster that was their Bahamas trip. I could never tell if her and Dylan were officially over or not. She still had and was wearing the ring so I was guessing not. Poor Paige cannot seem to figure out at first whether to trust Dylan or not.

Goodbye Dylan or Hello Again??? 

Melody did a very good job on keeping you guessing about Dylan and whether he is sincere or villainous. I wasn't sure myself how I felt about him for awhile.

I like that Erin always seems to finding herself and coming into her own. In this book we get to see a familiar face pop up that might have some positive changes coming about for Erin.

However, not only is she struggling with how to help her sister and what to say and not say, she has to deal with her feelings for Blake and decide what sort of feelings she has for him. Friends, more than friends?

All in all I loooooved this series and WISH there were MORE books! Hint, hint, Ms. Carlson! ;)

I reviewed all 6 books in the series in order. You can see the other five below:






Happy Weekend! Hope you all got to read at least some :)


*Note* I received this book for free from Zondervan Publishers in exchange for a review about it. I am not required to post a positive review. Any opinions expressed are my own and they are sincere.

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